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About Michael Grant White

California State Certified Nutrition Consultant NC; North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NCLMBT); #1724; OBDMT; Co founder of the Somatics Community of the Association of Humanistic Psychology; A student of educational biofeedback including Heart Rate Variability; Speaking, Singing and Holistic Health Coach, Certified in the Hendricks Method of Transpersonal Body Therapy aka “Radiance Breathwork”, Mentor and Business consultant.

  • Owner: TurboOxygen.com
  • Creator: The Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit
  • Founder: The Optimal Breathing School
  • Member: National Speakers Association

Michael Grant White, LMBT, NE, OBDMT, breathing development specialist, breath-worker, holistic health educator, personal growth mentor, author, public speaker, and vocalist has successfully helped thousands transform their lives through correct breathing and nutrition.

Founder and director of The Optimal Breathing School combining key elements of eclectic spirituality, Tibetan, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Chi Kung (Qigong), massage therapy, meditations, Tai Chi, Karate, Reichian Therapy, Radiance Breathwork™, Rebirthing™, Meditation, Chanting, Toning, teachings of OSHO, Operatic and Public Speaking training, nutrition and more. He is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association; American Holistic Health Association; founding member of Association Of Humanistic Psychology Somatics Community, a former member of Unity Center Walnut Creek California and The Health Medicine Forum of Walnut Creek, California.

Mike delivers lectures and workshops worldwide and uses his Breathing Manual, training videos and recorded breathing exercise CDs to support the work. Appeared on national cable TV ‘s Lifetime Channel. Articles published by him have appeared in Massage Magazine, Women’s Sports and Fitness, Boardroom Reports, a children’s book created by the Disney Channel book company. Quoted in a Rodale book for women titled Natural Calm.

Optimal Breathing is listed in Rodale Press’ book on Alternative Healing titled Alternative Cures, Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Conscious Breathing, Super Power Breathing, The Power of Emotion, Free Your Breath and Free Your Life, Free To Speak, T5T, and other leading-edge books. Co-creator of Integral Breathwork and a Spasmodic Dysphonia clinic.


About Optimal Breathing Development by Michael White

Optimal Breathing Development Work integrates ancient teachings and modern science and technology and is compatible with all forms of religious or spiritual expression. Breathing mechanics are essentially the same for almost everyone but many of us lose good breathing or never had it. We teach rock solid breathing fundamentals for a variety of goals and purposes. As Vince Lombardi used to say. “There are NO new fundamentals.”

One of my primary goals as a breathing coach and breathing based personal growth mentor is to help awaken the breathing consciousness of the world. 8 million emails over the last 10 years and 20 years of helping thousands of people breathe better has helped me get closer to that goal.

Good or not so good, Charles Darwin gave biology a grammar. My goal is to clarify breathing vocabulary and function in a most meaningful, easily understandable and dependable way, and to awaken the breathing consciousness of the world.

Abuse or trauma is not a necessary factor to lose one’s breathing. Even the chronic stresses of living can cause huge breathing distortions and subsequent energetic imbalance.

Great singing, as well as great speaking, requires great breathing and eventually I realized there was something wrong with the way I was breathing. It took me nearly 25 years to discover what was wrong and how to make it better. During that time I spent a fortune looking for answers in all the wrong places. I discovered what did NOT work. I learned how important the “breathing component” can be and eventually developed my own system to detect and correct many breathing based chronic health challenges. Knowing what I do now would have shortened that time by decades and saved me and many others a lot of frustration, confusion and time.

Concurrently I had spent years of studying different spiritual and psychological disciplines. I discovered that almost every well known or broadly accepted spiritual approach, had within it one or more specific ways of addressing the way that someone used the breath and breathing. If they had one thing in common it was a strong respect for prana, chi, ki, elan vital, spiritus, pneuma, kundalini or what I call Life Force. If it was so important to all those spiritual disciplines, there must be many aspects including secrets kept about it that could benefit the human condition.

My father was a police detective and counseled me to look for the common denominators. The common denominator became more then the simple fact we breathe, but rather why, how and in what way? This idea of the way, the how and the why pointed me towards something I, without pharmaceutical drug distortions, confusing, expensive or even poor science or hidden spiritual agenda, could feel and measure on my own giving me a dependable sense of tangible day to day evidence that I was heading in the right direction.

From my research I found that the breath and breathing affects every aspect of our existence. One cannot understand the breath without making a study of it. And to really know it one must experience its feeling sense directly and preferably be guided by one who is familiar with the internal terrain of sensing and feeling, awareness and optimal function. Like chocolate must be tasted to know what it is like, breathing must be felt, moment to moment.

So it was because of this quest to regain my singing voice in 1975 that my path became to study the breath. From this, the Optimal Breathing System was born.

We now have self-help courses, this website, one one cone private session in person or Skype, a voice clinic, a breathing school, and faculty advisors. Our students include a wide range of health professionals, business executives, personal and spiritual growth mentors and seekers, amateur and professional athletes, public speakers and world-class wind instrument players and singers. Anyone that wants to learn to live and breathe better is encouraged to work with us.


About Breathing & Religion by Michael White

I believe that breathing is generic to all humanity and definitely non-sectarian. I honor all forms of spirituality. We are all one people. We all breathe the same air and in the same way. And Breath is life.


Current Research by Michael White

turbo oxygen team
The Turbo Oxygen Team

Just as Optimal Breathing helps remove the barriers that prevent vocalists and speakers from reaching their vocal potential, it can help remove those barriers in all of us, allowing us to better achieve our maximum potential in whatever it is we do. This is personal power on a moment to moment 24/7 basis. Optimal Breathing has shown astonishing healing factors and further studies are being conducted to see how better breathing correlates with various health conditions.

Originally designed as a personal growth development technique, Optimal Breathing realizes a much wider potential for accelerating many self-healing processes as well as being an important adjunct to almost any therapy or personal growth approach.

Today, we at Optimal Breathing are working with some of our nation’s top physicians, dentists, behavioral and alternative health specialists, personal trainers, and teaching professionals to expand the use of Optimal Breathing in new and exciting areas of therapy, sports performance, self-expression and personal growth.